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Venue Partners

We partner with all sorts of bars and taverns across Houston to bring major profit to their slowest nights. To start out, we host a test event to make sure the venue and location pleases our players and is more than profitable for the bar. Statistically our 6:00-10:00pm test events have about 40-50 attendees and bring a 300-400% increase in bar sales on that night.

Special Events

From big D&D™ events to Halloween and themed parties, BarHaven offers to bring in a ton of people for our special and/or test events! Want a boost of sales, bringing in 40-70 additional people, and up to 400% in additional profit? Here are our prices:

$300 straight buy in


$100 and 10% of sales from BarHaven players

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Weekly or Bi-Monthly Meet-Ups

Need to boost your sales on a weekly basis? Nerds are the way to go! With BarHaven, you'll have 10-30 fun loving regulars down to relax, have a sip and eat while playing 3-5 hours of games. For repeating meet-ups, we would typically suggest having a test event or meet-up to make sure our partnership is beneficial to both you and BarHaven members. Here are our negotiable weekly meet-up prices:

  • $100 a night and a 15% of sales of BarHaven players (2-6 DMs | 8-30 total people)

  • $25 bar tab for each named DM

  • Happy Hour OR specialty pricing


Why Partner with BarHaven?

Think of us as marketing-adjacent. You pay X amount for us to bring in XX customers. Players need a place to play, bars need customers - why not combine the two so both parties are happy!

How do you know this works? In one of our first large scale events as an example, the bar paid us $150 plus 10% of sales. Normally, the bar made about $500-600 on a Monday night, with our services, they now average at about $1400-$1500. 

DO I qualify as a Partner?

What we look for in a partner is:

  • In a well populated and interested area - We want to make sure our services will work with the surrounding residents!

  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

  • Decent food menu for mid-game snacks!

  • Space for 6-7 people at 2-6 game tables - nerds need space to eat and roll high!

  • Decent parking.

We also want your slowest night. Popular and crowded nights are typically too crowded and loud for 3-5 hours of gameplay.

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