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& Panels

BarHaven is available for panels and convention events. Our panels consist of Player 101 and DM 101 and Specialty Topic panels. Our Con gaming events are similar to our weekly meet ups which consist of 1-7 tables of open one-shots hosted by our Certified DMs and are typically free to the convention.

Email for specific details.


How DOes It Work?

In the past, our panels and classes have a range of 30-100 people depending on the convention and space. We will teach the specified topic then have time for questions after wards. Historically, convention attendees have loved having someone to discuss their gaming tendencies, concerns, or even how to get started. Most of the time, we partner these classes with a gaming time so attendees can put their newly learned skills to the test.

We can host these classes with or without a presentation space or audio equipment, but prefer to have somewhere to display our educational information. We try to make these classes and panels interactive, informative, and more helpful than the regular YouTube video. 

Our Con Gaming areas can be big or small, can be 2-6 hours long, and can be streamed as a panel if the interest is high. We can provide all the characters and gaming tools and our Certified and Vetted DMs can help even brand new beginners start or help long term players learn new D&D™ skills. 

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