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GM Certification

BarHaven offers certification and part-time employment to all our Game Masters. Being a BarHaven GM means you bring skills and approach to make sure all players are comfortable and having fun at BarHaven events. All our GMs have undergone training and follow a strict set of guidelines for player comfort and enjoyment.

BarHaven vouches for their games and can act as an arbiter should any issues arise.

This process takes anywhere from 1-3 weeks.


Why Get Certified?

Being a BarHaven Certified GM (Game Master of Dungeon Master™) means you have a set of standards when it comes to gameplay. It means you know the rules, follow the Four Pillars of GMing, and will make sure the game is ready to go for all your players wither it comes to a game shop or a private game with friends.

Why Get Vetted?

After your certification, our staff may offer you a part time job working with BarHaven! This means you can schedule yourself for any of the BarHaven meet-up or event locations with benefits:

  • Financial Backing – Up to 70% of player payments

  • $25 Bar Tabs for our weekly meet ups

  • Player and Game Support

  • D&D Game Resources - OneShots, Tokens, Minis, Maps...


What is the Process?

  • Become familiar with current BarHaven GMs and play at least 2-3 one-shots at our weekly events.

  • Speak with our founder (Carlo) or our Coordinator (Jack) to see about scheduling or attending a GM Training Session or GMC(1-2 hour Game Master Class) focusing on the Four Pillars of GMing.

  • Run a minimum 1 hour one-shot with one of our company directors then have a conversation about your gameplay with the director to see next steps.

  • If approved, we will contact to to start scheduling your games!

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