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Big events / Special Events

BarHaven partners with locations all across Houston, TX to bring you the best possible gameplay and nerd networking. If you are interested in BarHaven’s events or would like to host, feel free to contact us right away!

Sun, Mar 10th - 6pm

Game Master Class @ Pennywhistle Pub

Want to learn how Game Hosting can become a profession? Check out out GMC to learn how to hone your hosting skills!

Apr 7th - 6pm

TPK Night @ Pennywhistle Pub

Grab a level 5 character and prepare not to die! Our GMs WILL try to kill your character on our monthy TPK Night. 

Sat, Mar 23rd - 4pm

Theme Night @ Daley Sports Club

This months theme is Folklore and Cryptids! Get a gang together to play a fun themed game at Daley's.

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