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Private Games

Interested in having a BarHaven Certified DM for a private game, party, or campaign? Ask us about our DM avalibility!

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For some hobbyist the real goal is a private game with their favorite people. Many times, there are hardships when it comes with finding a DM that runs their games with respect and constancy. Luckily many of our Certified DMs are available for professional, private, and completely custom full games!


With competitive pricing and vetted certifications, you know you are going to get a game your party will remember. Our private games are available in private locations, public locations, and can be hosted at any of weekly BarHaven locations as well.

  • Location Specific RSVP: $15 per player

  • Private Games at your own Location: $15-35 DM Negotiated

  • Weekly or Bi-Weekly Campaign: $15-35 DM Negotiated

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WHo needs Private Games?

BarHaven has worked with private friend groups to test friendships and with companies to strengthen teams. 

We have hosted games in the office, at private homes, and at our current bar locations. You need a reliable and worth-while game? Contact us for availability today!

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