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You must have questions adventurer! So do many other. See below for answers to your quest...

How do I Join?

Show up! All our Pop-In D&D games are open to all, great for beginners or long-time players. We start gathering at 6:00pm at most locations, have announcements for BarHaven events and updates, then will split everyone up for games. No RSVP needed, unless you have a larger group attending that want to be at the same table.

Pop-In Game Characters:

All our regular D&D one-shot games are level 3, 5th edition games. Most people use standard array, but as long as you are not OP, the more creativity the better! The vast-majority of our members use DnD Beyond, but any form of character is perfect to use. We also have plenty of pre-mades available if you just want to jump in!



All our games are hosted by our Certified and Vetted Game Masters. This means you will get a fully planned, well thought out game with plenty of game and player support. If you as a member are ever uncomfortable, BarHaven will act as a mediator and rule on the lawfully good side. We pride ourselves in great gameplay where everyone is free to participate by whatever means.

Bar Service & Cover Fees: 

We ask all out players for a $10 fee to help support our Vetted DMs for their weekly hard work. BUT with this fee, you will get plenty of benefits at all our locations, including Hero Happy Hour, drink specials, game resources, and plenty of game support. RSVP games may be $15 for a larger party and private or home games are determined by the GM.

Specialty Games: 

We have specialty games availably every month, from TPK games, themed one-shots, and specific edition based games. Check our monthly schedule for planned special events and gameplay. These games will have different levels and different rules. Join our discord for more info.

Other TTRPG:

We have many GMs who host other TTRPGs weekly, monthly, or by request. Games like Masks, Monsters Of The Week, Call of Cthulhu, The 6th World, and many others can be available. The best way to find GM Game postings is on the Discord or by request over email/phone.

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