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Special Events

BarHaven partners with locations all across Houston, TX to bring you the best possible gameplay and nerd networking. If you are interested in BarHaven’s events or would like to host, feel free to contact us right away!

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Friday the 13th:

Want some spooky theme for your dnd? Our Friday the 13th games with be horror, evil villain, spooky, or monster themed. Were a costume and prepare for tricks and treats. Bring a level 3, 5th edition character (unless otherwise said in #vetted-open-games) and get your ghoul on. (Also 18% off your entire tab)

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Halloween Bash

Join BarHaven for our annual Halloween Bash! Put on your favorite, scariest, or cutest costume and find us at Axelrad at 6pm on Oct 20th. Grab a drink and have the best of times (definitely not an excuse to celebrate one of the owners birthdays). This is a social event to meet up with the BarHaven community. If you have been interested in BarHaven games but didnt know where to start, this is a great way to meet up with the owners, Vetted DMs, and community members.


Join the Circle of BarHaven at Texas Ren Fest on Highland Weekend, November 18th & 19th for drinks, costumes, and incredible shows. BarHaven will have a pseudo-clan camping area too! BarHaven camping area will be available starting Thurs Nov 16th, 5pm. See pinned map in #Tex-Ren-Fest Discord channel.



Attendees MUST purchase their OWN TICKETS! BarHaven suggests getting the Stay-And-Play Pass which includes camping Thur-Mon, an all-day Saturday fair pass, and all-day Sunday fair pass.



Be sure to check the meet-up schedule when posted. BarHaven sponsored BARCRAWL is Sat, 11:00am. Only 40 tickets available, tickets $40 each. Ask Jack about availability. Seriously fun and well enjoyed last year.



You NEED to be prepared. You will need food, water, additional clothes and blankets, utilities, something to sleep on/in, and earplugs. Our site in next to some other clans that may be a bit naughty, please be aware.

Message BarHaven Coordinator for more info.

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About Our Events

To test out locations and make sure certain areas can be most beneficial to both the bars and ourselves, we like to hold larger events at interested venues. We hope all BarHaven members can come and have the best time eating, drinking, and engaging in intriguing storytelling. During the event, we tray to have a Hero Happy Hour for all players, lots of prizes, and special games for everyone to enjoy!

If you are a bar interested in holding an event, feel free to contact us here or email

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